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A National Policy on Food and Nutrition Security for the Republic of South Africa

22 August 2014

The stated goal of the National Food and Nutrition Security Policy is to ensure the availability, accessibility and affordability of safe and nutritious food at national and household levels. It is stated in the policy that itĀ builds on existing initiatives and systems, and puts in place mechanisms that ensure stricter alignment, better coordination, and stronger oversight. Moreover, the Policy seeks to ensure that our response to food and nutrition insecurity is ambitious, rigorous and dynamic. The Policy therefore provides a platform for various strategies which will include:

  • Increased and better targeted public spending in social programmes which impact on food security;
  • Efforts to increase food production and distribution, including increased access to production inputs for the emerging agricultural sector;
  • Leveraging Government food procurement to support community-based food production initiatives and smallholders; and
  • The strategic use of market interventions and trade measures which will promote food security