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Draft Western Cape Biodiversity Bill, 2019

7 May 2019

Draft Western Cape Biodiversity Bill, 2019 (published for comment on 7 May 2019, period for comment extended until 7 August 2019 in PN 76 of  2019.)

The stated purpose of the Draft Western Cape Biodiversity Bill, 2019 is to provide for the framework and institutions for nature conservation and the protection, management and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystems in the Province; and for matters incidental thereto.

If passed, the Bill will repeal the following pieces of legislation to the extent set out in the below:

  • Sea Shore Act, 1935 (21 of 1935): the whole
  • Mountain Catchment Areas Act, 1970 (63 of 1970):  The whole in so far as it has been assigned to the Province by Proclamation R28 of 1995
  • Nature Conservation Ordinance, 1974 (19 of 1974): The whole
  • Nature Reserves Validation Ordinance, 1982 (23 of 1982): The whole
  • Western Cape Nature Conservation Board Act, 1998 (15 of 1998): The whole
  • Western Cape Nature and Environmental Conservation Ordinance Amendment Act, 1999 (8 of 1999): The whole
  • Western Cape Conservation Laws Amendment Act, 2000 (3 of 2000): The whole
  • Western Cape Biosphere Reserves Act, 2011 (6 of 2011): The whole