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S v Blue Platinum Ventures 16 Pty Ltd and Others (Confiscation Order)

31 January 2014

Limpopo Regional Court Held in Lenyenye, Naphuno: Confiscation Order

Date: 21 November 2014

Case number: RC 126/2013

Magistrate: Madam C Honwana

Legislation considered: Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998

Download the confiscation order 


Naphuno Regional Court: sentencing proceedings 

Date: 31 January 2014

Case number: RN 126/13

Magistrate: Mrs C.T. Honwana

Plea: guilty

Legislation considered: National Environmental Management Act, 1998

Download relevant portions of the transcript

Download a case note by Professor Tracy Humby

Please note that the prosecutor’s name is not disclosed – due to the significant media and other interest in the case, the prosecutor requested that all enquiries be directed to the National Prosecuting Authority at [email protected].