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Urgenda Foundation v The State of the Netherlands (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment)

9 October 2018

The Hague Court of Appeal 

Case number : 200.178.245/01

Date: 9 October 2018

Judges:M.A.F. Tan-de Sonnaville, S.A. Boele and P. Glazener

In this matter the Hague Court of Appeal found that the State of the Netherlands had been acting unlawfully (because in contravention of the duty of care under Articles 2 and 8 ECHR) by failing to pursue a more ambitious reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions as of end-2020, and that the State should reduce emissions by at least 25% by end-2020.

Download the judgment 

The Hague District Court 

Case No: C/09/456689 / HA ZA 13-1396 (English translation)

Date: 24 June 2015

Type: Application to compel

Re: Climate Change mitigation in the Netherlands

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