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The People v Arctic Oil (Nature and Youth, Greenpeace v Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

5 February 2020

Borgarting Court of Appeal, Oslo, Norway 

Case Number: 18-060499ASD-BORG/03

Judges: Eirik Akerlie, Hedda Remen and Thom Arne Hellerslia

Date: 23 January 2020

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This matter was brought by Norwegian youth and environmentalists against the Norwegian government related to the granting of licenses to drill for fossil fuels in the Arctic. The appelants demanded climate justice and their right to a healthy environment.

While the Borgarting Court of Appeal, Oslo dismissed the appeal in January 2020, the court acknowledged current and future generations’ right to a healthy environment and that this right also includes the duty to take into account the full emissions from the burning of Norwegian oil.