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Ketut Mangku Wijana, Baidi Sufarlan, I Putu Gede Astawa, and Greenpeace Indonesia v Governor of Bali Province based in Bali Governor’s Office, Jalan Basuki Rachmat Number 1, Denpasar City, Bali Province, Indonesia

26 June 2018

Denpasar Administrative Court, Indonesia 

In this matter, residents of Bali and Greenpeace Indonesia are challenging a decree by the Indonesian government to expand the PLTU Celukan Bhawang coal-fired power station in Bali.

On 26 June, nine Indonesian and international environmental groups filed an amici curiae briefor a friends of the court brief, to the Denpasar Administrative Court (PTUN), to assist the judges to adjudicate on the matter. The Centre for Environmental Rights is one of those groups.

The matter of Earthlife Africa Johannesburg v Minister of Environmental Affairs and others, is cited as authority for the relief that is sought in the main application , i.e. that the decree is vacated and that the government is ordered to conduct a climate change impact assessment when re-considering whether or not to issue a decree for the relevant power station expansion.

See the press release by the Indonesian Center for Environmental Law