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Scientific and legal arguments against bulk marine sediment mining

There is limited knowledge and unanswered questions related to several aspects of bulk marine sediment mining. In response to this lack of available knowledge the Safeguard our Seabed Coalition has commissioned a number of scientific studies to inform decision-makers and provide a tool for rational decision-making and policy around marine phosphate mining in South Africa.

The three studies in the series are:

  1. Brief overview of potential ecosystem impacts of marine phosphate mining in the Western Cape, South Africa by Jock Currie (University of Cape Town)
  2. Assessing the desirability of marine phosphate mining amongst strategies for a sustainable supply of phosphates by Sizwe Vidima and Harro von Blottnitz (Environmental and Process Systems Engineering Group, University of Cape Town).
  3. Valuing the Contribution of fisheries given the context of marine phosphate mining by Reviva Hasson and Kerri Brick (Environmental-Economics Policy Research Unit).