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  1. Greenpeace Report

    Deep seabed mining: An urgent wake-up call to protect our oceans

  2. Greenpeace Report

    Review of the current state of development and the potential for environmental impacts of seabed mining operations

  3. World Bank Report

    Precautionary management of deep sea mining potential in Pacific Island countries

  4. RepRisk Report

    Deep sea extractive activities: Seabed mining and deep sea drilling

  5. Blue Ocean Law Report

    Resource roulette: How deep sea mining and inadequate regulatory frameworks imperil the Pacific Islands and its people

  6. Global Ocean Commission Report

    Strengthening deep seabed mining regulation

  7. Environmental Protection Agency Northern Territory

    Interim Report: Seabed mining in the Northern Territory

  8. Environmental Protection Authority New Zealand

    Summary of the New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA’s) Decision on the Chatham Rock Phosphate Deep Sea Mining Application

  9. Alaska University Marine Advisory Program Report

    Independent Review of the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Nautilus Minerals Solwara 1 Seabed Mining Project, Papua New Guinea

  10. Deep-Sea Mining Campaign Report

    Out of our depth: Mining the ocean floor in Papua New Guinea

  11. Deep-Sea Mining Campaign Assessment

    Physical oceanographic assessment of the Nautilus EIS for the Solwara 1 Project

  12. Australian Marine Conservation Society Fact Sheet

    Seabed mining in the top end: A snapshot of environmental concerns

  13. SINTEF Report

    A pilot project – Preparing for an assessment of environmental impacts from onshore and offshore phosphate mining activities in Namibia

  14. SAIIA Policy Brief Seabed mining

    Lessons from the Namibian experience

  15. WWF Position Statement

    Bulk deep-sea mining

  16. Heydorn and Orren Position Statement

    Seabed mining: Retention of an overall perspective