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Potential Impacts of Proposed New Coal Generation, by Dr. Ranajit Sahu

August 2021

A new report by air pollution expert, Dr Ranajit Sahu, confirms that South Africa’s proposed 1500 MW of new coal-powered electricity generation will cause significant air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, even if the cleanest technology currently available is used.

The proposed new 1500 Megawatts of coal power generation will cause significant air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions even if the cleanest technology currently available is used, and these impacts cannot be meaningfully mitigated using notions of “clean coal”.

Sahu is a consulting engineer with 30+ years’ experience in environmental, mechanical, and chemical engineering, including design and specification of power plants and pollution control equipment.  He has taught at various universities on air pollution, risk assessment, and hazardous waste management.  He has consulted on air pollution matters for a wide range of clients including the US government, various US states, private industry, and non-governmental organizations.

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