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Centre for Environmental Rights – Advancing Environmental Rights in South Africa

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Advocating for greater transparency in governance and for swift and easy access to information.

Publications by the CER

The CER has published a number of reports detailing its experiences in accessing information from both the public and private sector:

  • Signs of Hope? Some government departments ramp up disclosure of environmental records under PAIA, while others remain closed (November 2015).
  • Money Talks: Commercial Interests and Transparency in Environmental Governance (November 2014).
  • Turn on the Floodlights: Trends in Disclosure of Environmental Licences and Compliance Data (March 2013).
  • Barricading the Doors: The latest on our work on transparency in environmental governance in South Africa (February 2013).
  • Unlock the doors: How greater transparency by public and private bodies can improve the realisation of environmental rights (April 2012)