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Pollution & Climate Change

Promote environmental justice, ensure compliance, and strengthen civil society participation.

The proposed Thabametsi IPP

Earthlife Africa Johannesburg v Department of Environmental Affairs, Thabametsi Power Project (Pty) Ltd and others

In this matter, the High Court set aside the decision by the Minister of Environmental Affairs to uphold an appeal against the decision of the Department of Environmental Affairs to grant environmental authorisation for the proposed Thabametsi coal-fired power station on account that the Minister failed to take into account the climate change impacts of the proposed coal-fired power station.

Legal challenges to other authorisations required by the Thabametsi Power Station are also included below.

Internal appeal

Court proceedings – Thabametsi I

Minister decision of 2018

Court proceedings – Thabametsi II

Appeal of Provisional Air Emission Licence (PAEL) issued to Thabametsi Power Company (Pty) Ltd