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SLAPP Suit #2: MRC and Caruso v Mzamo Dlamini and Cormac Cullinan

In August 2016, MRC and Caruso proceeded to sue a community activist and deputy chairperson of the Amadiba Crisis Committee, Mzamo Dlamini and environmental attorney, Cormac Cullinan. In this matter, MRC and Caruso together seek damages of R3 million from Dlamini and Cullinan.

These two defendants are sued in relation to an interview with Redi Tlabi on 567 Cape Talk radio station which was broadcast simultaneously on Radio 702 radio station.

An example of the claim against Dlamini appears from the summons, in which MRC and Caruso allege that Dlamini made statements with the intention to defame them and injure their reputation and which were wrongful and defamatory. An extract or relevant part of the interview alleged to be defamatory is as follows:

Ms Tlabi: “Now let’s go to the activism there. Bazooka was killed about 2 and a half weeks ago and understand Mandoda Ndovela, was killed in 2003 he was a headman from the Wild Coast Village of Mpindweni, was shot dead and there have been other threats and so on. Are you as a community saying that these deaths are directly related to this issue?”

The First defendant (Dlamini): “Of course they are, there is no question about it Mandoda Ndovela was shot soon after he came out very much against the mine. So he was the one that was very, very, very difficult and he was shot after that.”

Special Plea Record