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Centre for Environmental Rights – Advancing Environmental Rights in South Africa

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Corporate Accountability

Exposing corporate failures to comply with environmental laws, and raising investor awareness.


The CER’s corporate accountability team exposes corporate failures to comply with environmental laws, and raises investor awareness of the risks of non-compliance. We are pioneering new methods to improve transparency and accountability around the impacts of polluting companies on our environment and people, through:

  • Tracking environmental impacts and violations of environmental laws by companies operating in South Africa;
  • Analysis of environmental disclosures to shareholders by listed companies, including through our Full Disclosure series. Full Disclosure provides investors with information on the environmental track record of 30 listed companies and the extent to which violations of environmental laws are disclosed;
  • Shareholder activism to compel compliance with environmental laws and disclosure of impacts and violations;
  • Input into sustainable reporting frameworks and guidelines;
  • Engagement with companies, institutional investors and industry associations around environmental impacts and disclosures;
  • Criminal prosecution of directors for environmental violations.

We seek to change public expectations of corporate obligations to realise environmental justice, and to ensure that the operations of industry do not violate our Constitutional rights.