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Centre for Environmental Rights – Advancing Environmental Rights in South Africa

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Activist Support & Training

Training, networking, enforcing compliance with laws and securing environmental activist spaces.


The Activist Support and Training Programme hosts the CER’s Rights & Remedies: A Course for Activists. This is an annual course that focuses on practical training outcomes and provides participants with a range of skills to facilitate engagement with government and industry, including the use of statutory remedies (e.g. writing complaint and objection letters, reporting environmental violations, and using access to information laws).

The programme continuously reviews the different topics it covers during the course to ensure that the it responds to the needs of communities and activists. As such, the course goes beyond legal training and also includes training on organisational strengthening, media engagement and discussions on gender and sexual harassment.

Designed to capacitate seasoned activists from communities affected by environmental rights violations, the course empowers participants to use the law to assert their rights, push for compliance, and hold government and the private sector accountable for violations of environment law. Successful participants  are asked to return to their communities and act as focal points for environmental rights.

In addition to the Rights and Remedies course, the programme also provides community training workshops in response to specific demands from different communities and civil society partners. This type of training is tailored to respond to that particular community’s environmental grievances and it is often done at the request of affected communities.