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Centre for Environmental Rights – Advancing Environmental Rights in South Africa

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Activist Support & Training

Training, networking, enforcing compliance with laws and securing environmental activist spaces.

Community Organisation and Support

One of the objectives of the Activist Support and Training  programme is to provide institutional strengthening support to community based organisations.  It therefore provides support to community structures (CBOs, committees, forums and the like), assisting them with the sustainability of their structures by  ensuring that there are systems and measures in place that guide the functioning of the these CBOs. This includes, amongst other things, assistance with the registration of their organisations, establishment and strengthening of organisational documents such as the constitution and various relevant polices.

Further, the AS&T programme provides support to CBOs in order to strengthen their capacity to engage with government and industry. We also work to enhance activists’ and communities’ agency to better participate in relevant legal processes such as legislative amendments, public participation, parliamentary oversight and the like.