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PAIA Requests for Environmental Records

Requests to CapeNature, GDARD, MTPA, EKZNW, FSDESTEA, ECDEDEA, NCDEDECT, LEDET, NWREAD and DEA for all information in respect of sungazer and pangolin permits

19 February 2018

Western Cape Nature Conservation Board t/a CapeNature; Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency; Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife; Free State Department of Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs; Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs; Northern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Conservation and Tourism; North West Department of Rural Economic Development and Agriculture and the Department of Environmental Affairs
Reference Number:
CER-2018-CAT-0001; CER-2018-GDA-0001; CER-2018-MTP-0001; CER-2018-EKW-0001; CER-2018-DES-0001; CER-2018-ECA-0001; CER-2018-EDE-0001; CER-2018-LPP-0001; CER-2018-NEA-0001 and CER-2018-DEA-0001

Requested copies of all records, including all applications for permits, applications declined and permits granted, in respect of Smaug giganteus (sungazer) and Manus Temminckii (pangolin) for possession, keeping in captivity, breeding, and transportation/conveyance within and out of the province, in terms of the National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act, 2004, the Threatened or Protected Species Regulations, 2007 and/or the relevant provincial legislation, for the period January 2016 to January 2018.

For further information please email [email protected].