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PAIA Requests for Environmental Records

Request to Eskom for records relating to its pre-feasibility study for expanding the lifespans of Eskom coal-fired power stations

3 October 2016

Reference Number:
CER-2016-ESK-0004 (Pre-feasibility study)

Background information and records pertaining to the pre-feasibility study authorised by the board of Eskom, to begin in or around April 2016, into the feasibility of, and options for, extending the lifespans of Eskom’s Komati, Camden, Hendrina, Kriel and Arnot power stations. The requested records include:

  1. The terms of reference for the pre-feasibility study;
  2. Envisaged timeframes for the pre-feasibility study;
  3. Records of any stakeholder engagement process conducted or planned to be conducted in relation to the study;
  4. Records of any service providers appointed in respect of the study;
  5. Minutes of the board meeting at which the decision was made to proceed with the pre-feasibility study;
  6. The pre-feasibility study (if complete); and
  7. Any other studies commissioned by Eskom into the feasibility of extending the lifespans of its power plants.

For further information please email [email protected].