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PAIA Requests for Environmental Records

Request to Eskom for records relating to its coal-fired power stations

12 July 2017

Reference Number:
  1. All records, including board minutes of meetings held subsequent to 26 August 2016, relating to:
    1. Eskom’s Air Quality Strategy and the implementation thereof;
    2. Environmental performance, compliance and risks;
    3. Environmental compliance and environmental performance “Journey Map”;
    4. Minimum Emission Standards (MES) and atmospheric emission licence (AEL) compliance;
    5. Postponements of compliance with MES/AELs and timing and proposed duration of such postponement applications; and
    6. Retrofits and timing;
  2. All records and information regarding the decision-making timelines and mechanisms within Eskom board to ensure compliance with the AELs and the MES;
  3. The latest decommissioning schedule and plans for all 15 coal-fired power stations, including per station, the funding for capex and maintenance to comply with the AELs and MES, as well as funding the environmental impact assessments (EIAs) for decommissioning;
  4. All data, records and information relating to the sustaining capex per coal-fired power station for the specific capital that needs to be spent in addition to the mandatory environmental retrofits;
  5. All records and information relating to the socio-economic impact assessment/s for the early closure of Eskom coal-fired power stations;
  6. All data relating to employment figures for each of Eskom’s coal-fired power stations, as well as such data as is available in relation to each coal mine that supplies the power stations; and
  7. All plans, records and other data – including such records as may be required by legislation – relating to the employees impacted by the closure and/or decommissioning of Eskom’s coal-fired power stations and such data as is available in relation to each coal mine that supplies the power stations.

The request was partially granted.

For further information please email [email protected].