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PAIA Requests for Environmental Records

Request to Eskom for information in relation the Thabametsi and Khanyisa power stations

12 October 2018

Reference Number:

Request for information in relation to the proposed and appointed preferred bidders under the first bid window of the Coal Baseload Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme – the Thabametsi power station project proposed by Thabametsi Power Company (Pty) Ltd and the Khanyisa power station project proposed by ACWA Power Khanyisa Thermal Power Station RF (Pty) Ltd (“the coal IPPs”):

  1. Government Support Framework Agreement (GSFA) with Eskom as the buyer of electricity produced by IPPs, entered into by Ministers of Finance, Energy and Public Enterprises in November 2012 and any schedules thereto, referred to in slide 19 of the IPP presentation given by the Minister of Energy on 6 March 2018 (attached);
  2. draft or signed schedules to the GSFA, relating to the coal IPPs;
  3. all subsequent GSFAs and schedules thereto; and
  4. the PPAs or proposed PPAs for the coal IPPs and any written objections to these agreements from Eskom.

For further information please email [email protected].