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PAIA Requests for Environmental Records

Request to NWDREAD for its decision-making framework for permitting and licensing decisions in terms of the TOPS Regulations

8 August 2016

Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development (NW)
Reference Number:
CER-2016-NEA-0005 (Decision making framework)

Any records, including draft and/or approved policy documents, standard procedures, decision-making and/or training frameworks, manuals or guides, risk assessment considerations, lists of permit conditions and/or other internal processes currently in place indicating the step-by-step process according to which a permit and/or licence application in terms of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 10 of 2004: Threatened or Protected Species Regulations, 2007 and/or the relevant provincial legislation is considered, assessed, treated and/or processed by the North West Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development from receipt of application to finalisation (i.e. approval, deferment or rejection of the permit or licence application).

For further information please email [email protected].