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Centre for Environmental Rights – Advancing Environmental Rights in South Africa

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Want to support the CER? Send us your photographs

17 January 2013 at 3:35 pm

The Centre is always looking for high quality photographs to illustrate our work – in our publications, our website and communication through Facebook and Twitter. We obviously do not have pots of money to buy stock photographs, so in addition to the photos taken by our own staff, we call on all our photographically talented supporters to share your photos with us. We will only use them for our work, and will always give credit when we use your photos.

Photo subjects we are interested in include:

  • transparency and access to information, restricted access
  • environmental impacts of mining, communities affected by mining
  • use of water, water pollution
  • air pollution and climate change
  • waste management, dumping, disposal, recycling
  • biodiversity, endangered species, alien and invasive species, illegal trade and hunting
  • protected areas, areas of special biodiversity or heritage significance, wild places
  • compliance monitoring and enforcement
  • environmental impact assessment, civil society participation
  • environmental crimes, violations, prosecution, litigation, courts, judges, prison, fines

High resolution photographs are obviously the best. To assist us, please name your files for easy identification – your surname, and photo subject. Send all photos to [email protected].

A special work of thanks to those of you that have so generously shared your photos with us for free to date!