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Update on publication of final list of threatened ecosystems under NEMA

1 December 2010 at 2:45 pm

In September 2010, the CER wrote to the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs to enquire when the final List of Threatened Ecosystems would be published under s.52(1)(a) of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004. A draft List was published in November 2009 pursuant to comprehensive consultation, but no news had been forthcoming about the publication of the final list.

In November 2010, the Minister responded to the CER’s enquiry as follows:

“Subsequent to the publication of the draft list of threatened ecosystems in Government Gazette No 32689 in 2009, an additional process of consultation was followed during which a wide range of national departments whose activities may have an impact on these listed ecosystems, were also consulted.

“In terms of this consultation process, Transnet requested a meeting with the Department to discuss its future infrastructure expansion plans and the implications for listed threatened ecosystems. This meeting took place on 14 October 2010 and the issues raised by Transnet have been addressed. The internal process to finalise the publication of the list has resumed and it is envisaged that the list will be published before the end of the financial year.”

The List of Threatened Ecosystems is a key tool of the Biodiversity Act to ensure the protection of critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable ecosystems in South Africa.

You can download copies of the CER’s letter and the Minister’s response here.