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New resources on the CER website

26 November 2010 at 12:32 am

Did you know that the Centre for Environmental Rights maintains an updated and searchable database of all Parliamentary Q&As to the Ministers of Water and Environmental Affairs, Mineral Resources and other Ministers whose work impacts on the environment in its Virtual Library? Have a look here.

For those of you who have opened a criminal docket for an environmental crime and are looking for a prosecutor in a particular area who is interested and trained in environmental crimes, you can download the full list of prosecutors who have attended Justice College’s training courses on the prosecution of environmental crimes here.

Also have a look at:

  • our new Hot Topics on SLAPP suits (strategic litigation against public participation) suits and acid mine drainage;
  • CaseWatch, the Centre’s tracking of all environmental public interest cases currently awaiting hearings and judgements

More additions to our website to follow soon.