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Centre for Environmental Rights – Advancing Environmental Rights in South Africa

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The Centre for Environmental Rights NPC has a Board of Directors comprising a non-executive Chairperson, the Executive Director, and five non-executive board members.

The primary purpose of our Board is to provide governance and oversight of our organisation: what work we do, how we spend our funds, how we manage risk, and how we comply with law and best practice.

What work we do

The Board participates in the development of the strategic direction of and plan for the organisation, and monitors the organisation’s activities to ensure that we continue to work to meet our strategic objectives.

How we spend our funds

The Board approves our annual budget, reviews quarterly reports on spending against budget, signs off on the annual audit of our financial statements, and makes sure that CER is adequately resourced to meet our strategic objectives. Board members also authorise certain payments in accordance with our internal financial policies.

How we manage risk

The Board continuously assesses risks to the organisation, and ensures that adequate risk management measures are in place.

How we comply with the law and best practice

The Board ensures that CER complies with all applicable regulatory requirements.

The CER Board and its committees meet on a quarterly basis, and reviews its governance practices on an ongoing basis.